Four Pillars


The Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School prides itself on the pillars of dual language immersion, global perspectives, social justice and community engagement.


Dual Language Immersion

The Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School is a 50/50 model connecting theory into practice by developing multi-literacy and multiculturalism. Language is an asset rather than a deficit and all stakeholders are language learners.

Global Perspectives

The Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School provides learning opportunities to understand complex, social topics to support the intellectual, personal development of all students. It challenges learners to explore cultural perspectives to empathize with others. By promoting knowledge of human geography and having students challenge the status quo, they can critically assess the validity of commonly held assumptions about others. By producing committed global citizens, learners understand how events around the world are interconnected to allow for problem solving that transcends borders.

Social Justice

The Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School highlights social justice through classroom pedagogy and curriculum. Students explore current events, critical race theory, diversity and participate in community service. Active learning comprises of self-reflection, knowledge acquisition, action with consciousness and personal transformation. Students develop their own understanding of the relation between individual and society.

Community Engagement

The Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School differentiates between engagement and participation. Community members are engaged in the learning process with the purpose of supporting the academic and social emotional needs of all learners. Stakeholders are included in the processes to establish ethical responsibilities and are invested in the educational organization from the school to the home, community and world.

The school is committed to providing an innovative, supportive and safe environment for students, parents and community members. The school encompasses a transitional kindergarten through twelfth grade educational experience that challenges paradigms. Students create and articulate their knowledge in order to thrive in the global community, and creatively and critically transform their world.

Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School develops rigorous curriculum and assessments. High academic standards are implemented through action-oriented curriculum and instruction to engage learners in critical pedagogy. Curriculum is research-based, culturally inclusive, relevant and student-centered to develop each child’s full potential, while recognizing their authentic self. Our high expectations result in confident global citizens who are becoming:

  • Multi-literate
  • Reflective and inquisitive
  • Collaborative and independent critical thinkers
  • Passionate constructors of their own knowledge
  • Creators of their community

The Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School expanded the charter petition from servicing a Pre-Kindergarten through grade 6 to a Transitional Kindergarten through 12th grade. The educational program includes an integrated curriculum incorporating differentiated learning/teaching styles and is assessed regularly. High academic standards are utilized when implementing action-oriented curriculum and instruction. Curriculum is research-based and student-focused to develop individual perspective.

All programs provide a challenging academic process, which develops metacognitive skills and engages students in the habits of inquiry to compete in a global society. Students embrace ethical and social values by its commitment to service with compassion, in order to provide opportunities to develop and strengthen global competence and ethical leadership, foster peace and work for justice. Learning applications occur through real work settings, service learning assignments, project-based activities, and portfolio/authentic presentations. Expectations results in multi-literate, self-reliant, confident learners, and university bound adults. Students will be prepared to actively participate in a multicultural and global world community.